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Motorcycle Wiring Harnesses
Motorcycle Wiring Harness

Motorcycle Wiring Harness

Motorcycle Wiring Harnesses

There is a lot of discussion about wiring harnesses for motorcycles that tow a trailer.  We make motorcycle trailer hitches for over 290 different motorcycle models.  Everyone of these bikes requires a wiring connection to the trailer they want to pull.

There are three things you need to think about.  How are you going to connect to the motorcycle's wiring harness; where is the power going to come from; and do you require a converter.

Stand alone converter

For many years, the only way to connect your bike's wiring to the trailer wiring was with a 5 wire to 4 wire converter.  This converter uses your bike's wiring to supply the power for the trailer lights.  Our 5 wire to 4 wire converter is available as a stand-alone item and comes with a flat 4-pin plug.   

Order the  5 wire to 4 wire converter   for $35.00  including free shipping

Isolator type Modular Wiring Harness

With the change to fuel injection, ABS brakes and onboard computers, a new system was needed to work with these electronics.

We use a 3 piece modular design of separate Isolators, Sub-Harness connectors and Converters. 
You can use one, two or all three modules to build your own custom application. 
All the modules have connecting plugs so they can be joined together without needing to splice wires together.

 Just plug each module into the next one. 

 At the end you have the Isolator with 5 wires that have to be
 connected to your plug that matches the plug on your trailer.

wiring isolator  THE ISOLATOR     SKU 7660
  Trailer isolators easily and properly connect your trailer's lighting
  while removing the electrical load from the motorcycle's factory
  wiring, fuses, relays computers and other electronics. 
  The Isolator is the main component.  Ours are made in Tennessee,
  USA.  The Isolator receives a signal  from your motorcycle's
  wiring and it switches a relay and takes the appropiate power direct
  from the battery and not from the bike's wiring harness. 
  There is no extra amperage (power) flowing through the bike's
The wires don't get hot, and there is no surge flowing through your bike's computer or ABS system.

  FLH Quick Connect sub-harnessTHE SUB-HARNESSES
 The Sub-Harness connects to your bike on one end and the Isolator
  or 5 wire to 4 wire converter on the other
 This makes the connection "Plug & Play"  so you don't have to splice.

  In order to make a complete kit, you must order the 7660 Isolator
  and one sub-harness as listed below:


5 wire to 4 wire converter  THE 5 WIRE TO 4 WIRE CONVERTER     SKU 7664
  Most motorcycle have a 5 wire system, using a single brake light
  in the center of the rear fender.

  If your trailer has only 2 lights on the rear, you need a converter.
  If your trailer has 4 lights on the rear, you do not need a converter.


 You can order the Isolator type wiring from

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