All About Custom Cruiser Chrome

      Jim Victor bought his first motorcycle from a neighbour for $10.00.  He was just seventeen and the bike was in pieces, in a cardboard box.  He learned about the workings of a motorcycle by putting it together and getting it to run.  That was the beginning of his love of motorcycling.

      Sixty-one years later, he was riding his 37th bike.  He has ridden street bikes, sport bikes, cruisers and touring bikes, including a couple with sidecars.  In 1976 he build his first bike trailer using a car topper and he has been pulling trailers ever since.

      In 2005 he became a distributor for Les Produits Denray, a manufacturer of Motorcycle Trailer Hitches.  He has over 300 different models of hitches on his online store:

      Because this has generated many questions about Motorcycle Trailering, Jim, with the permission of Bill Brobst, the author of the original 1982 version of Pulling Your Tail, has used all his acquired knowledge and experience to update and expand this handbook in order to help others with their trailering questions.

      At Custom Cruiser Chrome, we sell only the best Canadian Made products. 

      We are an Authorized Dealer for LES PRODUITS DENRAY. 
      DENRAY chrome plating is "triple chrome" or "show chrome" which means that the part is first polished, then copper plated, polished, nickel plated and finally chrome plated.  This process, while expensive, gives a lasting beauty.

      All DENRAY trailer hitches are "bolt on".  You are never required to file, bend or hammer to make the parts fit.

DENRAY designers study each motorcycle model individually to create a trailer hitch that fits that specific motorcycle.  Most hitches quite often fit just one bike.  Every effort is made to make products that are the best, and the best looking, available on the market.

       If you encounter any problem, please contact us.  We stand proudly behind the quality.

Custom Cruiser Chrome and LES PRODUITS DENRAY.