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  Revised Edition.

In 1982 Bill Brobst wrote a primer, to answer the questions of hundreds of motorcyclists who pull trailers. or who might want to, and who have no one to turn to but their friends.  Sometimes their friends can help. But sometimes their experiences and knowledge are not responsive or applicable to the particular question.  Or those friends may have the same questions themselves.

Now, Jim Victor has partnered with Bill to revise, update and append the information available in this second edition of 'Pulling Your Tail'.

In this book, you will learn about the different types of trailers, highway rules and regulations, speed limits for trailers, wiring your bike to your trailer, the different types of hitches, what causes trailer swaying and wagging, safety chains and how to hook them up correctly, plus many more don't-do, should-do, and must-do tips.

The cost of the book is $17.95 CAD plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

Please indicate if you would like a signed copy and/or a recipient name.

Thanks and Ride Safe!

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