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A new Handbook for Motorcyclists

by Judy Lawless  (Book Review)

      For any experienced motorcyclist, the title of the book Pulling Your Tail is a sure give away of its contents.  For those who may be new to biking jargon, the expression "pulling your tail" refers to the towing of a trailer behind a motorbike.

      In 1982 a retired U>S> Military officer authored a handbook for tail-pullers.  The original has been out of print for many years.  A long-time biker and trailer-puller himself, Jim Victor noticed a need for an updated version of this handy manual.  He tracked down the original author, Bill Brobst, and with his permission has re-written and published a new and expanded version of Pulling your tail.

     The book is well laid out with a Table of Contents for easy reference.  Topics covered include detailed information of selecting a trailer, regulations, lights, wiring, maintenance and safety.  

There are helpful illustrations and plenty of photos, as well as a comprehensive list of motorcycle trailer manufacturers.

     This handbook is a must-have addition to any motorcycle rider's reference library, whether novice or experienced.

     Pulling Your Tail, is available through Jim's website:

Joseph, USA

      I received the book later than estimated. Shipping company did not put it on delivery truck, but tracking showed it on the truck.  They get a 1/2 star for that.  The book is self was just what I wanted. It is a good book to read if you are thinking about trailering with a motorcycle.  Good information and well written. It's a good refresher if you have not done this in a while too.  Reminds you of the common mistakes made while trailering.  Highly Recommended!

Sarge, USA

Good common sense information, written in an easy to understand prose.

Ricky W, USA

Good Overview of Topic

      Good overview of Topics if you don't have any experience with the subjects.  The book needs to updated in color and more Photos...

bvail, USA


      I am the host of the "Motorcycle Trailer Towing Forum on Delphi" (MTTF) and I was sent this book for review.  A very good book for folks who are just starting out dragging trailers behind their motorcycles.  I recommend it highly.

Quote by Don Kralis, "Jim Victor's Motorcycle Primer "Pulling Your Tail" is a fine book that I wish I had available to me when I started towing many years ago.  It's exactly the information a motorcyclist needs to learn the basics about towing a trailer behind a bike.  There are also pages the experienced tower will want to read.  It should be a part of every rider's home library as an excellent reference.  If you're a biker curious about tail pulling or you already do, get a copy of Pulling Your Tail"  

      Don was the previous owner of the MTTF until a tragic accident took him away from us.  I have owned several types of MC trailers and some can be viewed here: Picturetrail/

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