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Did You Know?  Over the years motorcycles have been referred to as 'my motorcycle, motor cycle, moto, ride, scoot, hawg, wheels, bike, sickle, a rat bike (if you  don't wash it),2 wheel horse, the therapist, cycle brain Dr., 600 lb vibrator, mind melter, mind cleaner, brain cleanser, the old girl, the old boy and Diablo


Motorcycles and Trailers

Just about every kind of vehicle has towed a trailer at one time or another, so why not a motorcycle?

Way back in the early 1900's when motorcycles first hit the road, a trailer was used to transport a rider's ladyfriend behind his motorcycle. Because of poor hitch connections, etc. the ladies were frequently lost. The rider had to constantly look over his shoulder to ensure she was still there. They had to stop quite frequently to clean off mud and manure, because the streets were not paved and they also had to be shared with teams of horses.

Then they tried to put the passenger carrier in front, like a shopping cart. This proved to be too scary for the passenger. Another solution was to put the carrier beside the motorcycle. Thus came the sidecar!

With bigger and sturdier motorcycles, the passenger was moved to the pillion position, behind the rider and the trailer wasn't used for a long time.

With Honda coming to the America's and motorcyles becoming more reliable transportation, the trailer slowly became more popular. Now has over 280 motorcycle trailer hitches for just about any motorcycle make or model.

I will endeavor to give you more information about Motor Cycles, Trailers and Hitches so that you can make an informed decision about whether you want to tow a trailer with your bike.

I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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