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Safety First    
Before you decide if you want to pull a trailer with your motorcycle or even if you have already decided, here are some safety tips to remember
You must perform a safety inspection every time, before you get on your bike. Make sure of that.
*Make sure the ball is secure to the hitch plate
*Make sure the trailer hitch and all hardware is securely attached to the motorcycle with no missing parts.
*Check that the hitch receiver on the trailer is secure, with no cracks in the welds.
*Check that the springs on the trailer are secure and no parts missing.
*Check the tongue weight with a bathroom scale. The tongue weight should be about 10-15 percent of the trailer weight.
*Check the safety chains are connected securely.
*Check the electrical plug and check the operation of all lights on the trailer.
*Check that the trailer is securely closed.
*Check anything attached to the top of the trailer, such as lawn chairs or bicycles.
Please remember that a motorcyclist towing a trailer, has the same responsibilities as an RV driver or even an 18 wheeler.
If your trailer and motorcycle are properly matched they will perform safely under a variety of driving situations.

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