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Types of Motorcycle Trailers

Motorcycle trailers are usually confined to two different types. 



The Utility or Cargo Trailer






And the self-contained tent trailer 







                                                 And large.







However, trailers can have one wheel






                               but most have one axle

                                           and two wheels







                     There are also unique trailers

                      with two axles and 4 wheels



There are many homebuilt trailers and every one of them has the builders mark on them.  They can be just as customized as the owners bikes are.

If you have a trailer that you're proud of, send us a picture and we will include

it here.

cargo trailer.jpg
small tent.jpg
large tent.jpg
one wheel trailer.jpg
two wheel trailer.jpg
four wheel trailer.jpg
it all fits.jpg
Roof Racks.jpg
SCar&Trailer BW.JPG
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